Activities in the Area

Rock Climbing

In Nafplio and the surrounding areas, there are quite a few spots for climbing, with cleats already in place for experienced climbers.

Water Sports

Beaches in the area such as Karathona offer a variety of watersports, such as waterskiing, scuba diving, windsurfing & sailing.


Kitesurfing is available about 10 minutes from Nafplion, in Nea Kios where a kite surfing club is situated with all the equipment required. Lessons for begginers are available.

Horse Riding

Enjoy the beauty of the Greek countryside on horseback. Horse riding is available in a number of different areas around the Nafplion area. It is ideal for people of all ages, expirienced and inexpirienced riders.


The Peloponnese is a place of great geographical variety, with beaches, high mountains, gorges and beautiful scenes anywhere you look, which make it an amazing place for hiking.

Greek Cuisine Lessons

Get closer in touch with the Greek cuisine, through learning how to cook Greek traditional dishes by real Greek housewives. Taste, eat and learn.


Take a ride on a bike and explore the surrounding countryside from a different perspective, while enjoying a ride. Don't forget to take advantage of this unique chance and explore places not accessible by car.

Wine Tasting

Take a trip to Nemea, just about 20 minutes from Nafplion, and witness the world-famous vineyards, take a guided tour around the vineyeards and taste wine straight from the place of production.

Ouzo Tasting

Visit Karonis, a family run distillery in Nafplion. They produce Ouzo and other liquers and offer guided tours of their museum accompanied by tasting.


Rafting is available in the Peloponnese in the central mountain range in a gorge named Lousios. Available for both people with exprerience and begginers.